Over the last few days, you have been learning about the achievements of the Ancient Sumerians. They were responsible for many important inventions, like the wheel, the calendar, the first system of writing (cuneiform), and the arch among many others.

Imagine what life now would be like without one of these important achievements. Choose one invention or achievement of the Ancient Sumerians and describe what like would be like without it. Use your imagination!

22 Responses to “Ancient Sumerian Achievements”

  1. aleelw said:

    we probably wouldn’t even have gotten as far as the horse carriage if the Sumerians!

  2. aleelw said:

    I’m amazed at what the Sumerians accomplished. they invented the first way of writing! I honestly don’t think i could have ever survived as a Sumerian. but I think i know how they did it: i feel like sometimes humans forget that we all need each other. but not the sumerians, no. not one time. We probably wouldn’t even have gotten as far as the horse carriage if the Sumerians!

    • maikra said:

      I agree with you, aleelw. Sometimes, even the greatest of human beings forgets that we need each other to get things done.

  3. carsev said:

    I think it would be very hard to live because since we didn’t have wheels we wouldn’t have carts much less cars and without the chisel and pulley we wouldn’t have ½ a decent home so we would be practically homeless and we wouldn’t have modern day transportationless.

    • maikra said:

      What is a chisel?

    • carsev said:

      The world with no wheel!

      I think it would be very hard to live because since we didn’t have wheels we wouldn’t have carts much less cars and without the chisel and pulley we wouldn’t have a decent home so we would be and we wouldn’t have modern day transportationless. Could we have any transportation with no wheel?

  4. chrpag said:

    The sumerians made so much things most of them we use everyday. Like: the wheel, the pulley, the chisel,writing,architecture,government,calender,clock,the lever and the arch. The sumerians where the most smart people for their time. Without any of the stuff they made life would be way different.

  5. diapor said:

    What Ancient Sumerians Discovered

    Ancient sumerians discovered a lot of things like a calendar, wheel and much more. These things we use now but I think they were upgraded a little.

    All of the things that they invented helped them live one of the most important things was cuneiform it was a way of writing for them. Only boys got to learn this in school. The calendar, they invented the first months, weeks, and seconds.

    Also we made seals that are like rollers that you roll out on clay and other stuff like that. In ancient sumer they would carve symbols on there seals that would do with them like there name and other things that they like that go with them. They would take a big piece of clay and roll that seal on it and that would be there signature.

    I think that if we wouldn’t have calendars it would really hard to track down days, months, and years. Now that we have them we can use are calendar to track down days, months, and years and it makes life a lot easier.

  6. nicmun said:

    Life without some of the inventions
    The inventions could make everything in life change if some of them didn’t get invented! Sumerians invented the pulley, wheel, calendar, cuneiform, arch, and chisel. I’ll talk about one of them.
    I think I’ll talk about the pulley. It doesn’t seem important, but it might take 4 days more to make a house without a pulley! Also, some people use them for tree houses and other things. One person is on top, and the other in the bucket, being pulled up by the amazing pulley! The most important things can be the smallest! In the future, they could use a pulley for a quick escape! The pulley is extremely important! (I’m not saying it is the most important.) So, what do you think about the pulley? Important? Or not?

  7. lucmun said:

    The Amazing Invention of the Arch

    One of the Sumerians many excellent inventions was the arch.

    It may not seem like a big deal, but when you think about it, it really is a big deal. A ton of buildings have arches. It’s a fantastic way to make an entrance or separation between two rooms.

    For example, you are hanging out in your bedroom, reading a book, and since there’s no separation between the rooms you can see your mother dancing to some weird song on the radio in the kitchen. Terrifying!!! And then let’s say you want to find some peace and quiet outside, so you have to squezze yourself through a tiny hole in the wall to get into your backyard. After that you decide that your father’s walled in vegetable garden would be a pretty good place to read, but then when you get there, you realize there’s no archway into the garden and so you will have to climb over the stone wall and hopefully not fall and break a leg or scratch your hands.

    Another thing about the arch is that it must be pretty challenging to make. The Sumerians probably used some heavy building materials that would be hard to keep in an arch form without tumbling down onto a very unfortunate person who might be standing under it. I wonder if they had to cut the materials they were using in a certain way so that it would look curved?

  8. maikra said:

    The Curse of Living Without the Wheel
    For me, living without the wheel is one (technically two) words: pure torture. I mean, without wheels, you’d just have to walk everywhere (which would stink).

    I’d have to walk to school every morning. It takes from 30 minutes to an hour to walk to school from my house, so, in order to be on time, I’d have to wake up at 5 a.m.!
    I usually have extra-curricular activities after school, and some of them are in Newton. So, I’d have to hitchhike all the way to Newton!

    Thank goodness for the amazing Sumerians and their remarkable invention of the wheel. If they were still alive, I’d thank them.
    I will never again take the wheel for granted.

  9. emmkah said:

    What it would be like without writing…wait! I can’t do that! There would be no writing if the Sumerians weren’t there!(Title)

    The Sumerians were so important in the development of the world. They made tons of inventions that we still use today! The Sumerians weren’t called the cradle of civilization for nothing! The Sumerians started so many things! Though other civilizations had systems of writing, the Sumerians were first, and everyone else wouldn’t have languages because everyone else learned from the Sumerians.

    So now, imagine that there was no way to write. I wouldn’t be writing this! Think about all the things we do today. None of it would be possible without writing. I mean, I’ve made of words and stuff, but to have the idea in the first place to make a language for everyone to write, not everybody having their own systems so everyone can understand…well not everyone. Girls weren’t allowed to (harrumph!)…That’s amazing!

    Think about it: even in the most unwriteneedy (I know that that’s not a real word) area (wouldn’t think that you need writing area) like the grocery store, you do. If you look at something, and you think: is this organic? Then you could look at the sign, and see that yes, it is organic, but without writing, you wouldn’t know, and you’d just have to buy it.

    The world wouldn’t be what it is today without the ancient Sumerians. I don’t know how they invented all those things, but they did. The ancient Sumerians were amazing!

  10. conross said:

    The Treacherousness of Being Without the Wheel

    Imagine if you couldn’t drive to school, or take planes on long trips, or ride a bicycle or couldn’t take a train etc. How horrible would that be? Walking everywhere. To take a plane you would have to be near a big body of water to take off of. Quite a terrible thought right?

    Another thing is that because conveyor belts like escalators and in major producing factories wouldn’t run without the wheels inside of them so you would have to walk up stairs instead and do the work manually. Talking about technology other things like printers and CDs.

    Older stuff like older non-digital clocks were the bases of the clocks other than sundials. Another thing is a typewriter, which we now have based computers off of. Lastly the printing press which started mass production of books and let more than just rich people to know how to read.

    Also without wheels thing like the supply cart and the white board would be stationary and not be able to move smoothly. Another thing related to that is you have to lug around the heavy thing on that cart to move it. Maybe in school we would have to do that for treacherous schoolwork.

    Apply no wheel to the farm. How crazy is it! No tractor and that means not as good farming in really big fields. Also it would mean that there wouldn’t be nearly as much food producing. That is definitely bad for us.

    With that I conclude the importance of the ancient Sumerian achievement, the wheel and what a terrible world it would be without the wheel.

  11. leagol said:

    Life Without Writing!!!!!!!!

    So, here I am, doing my chores, and I really want to invite my friend over so we can ride my new horse! Except…she lives 500 miles away, and my mom will not go in the wagon with me to my friend’s house. I would like some way to correspond with her, since she has a good way of getting here. Anyway, if there were some way I could talk to my friend without going there, everything would be totally awesome!

    There are many other people in Sumer besides me who wish that there were a better way of correspondence. Maybe I could invent a way of contacting others where you use symbols that somebody else would knowhow to read, and then you could, like, send messages back and forth! That would be so cool! Ah-ha! I am going to invent the greatest invention of all time! A form of writing! And I am going to call it…hmmm…let’s see here… Ah, yes! That’s it! I will call it cuneiform!

    20 years later………….

    Yes! I’ve done it! I am 30 years old, and I have just invented cuneiform, an absolutely astonishing form of writing! It’s where you use many characters and symbols to write, or to correspond with friends, family, etc. But there is one big downside to this. I am a girl, but I am the only girl who knows cuneiform! This is because I was the one who invented it; so obviously, I know all of the characters. But, girls, little girls are not allowed go to school,they just have to stay home and cook and clean and farm. They do not learn how to read and write! Only boys do! Totally NOT fair. Anyway, at least I have invented something, so thank ME!

    When the Ancient Sumerians invented cuneiform, many things were made easier. Cuneiform was probably one of the most important achievements of the Sumerian people. But cuneiform was not the only achievement of Sumer. They have invented many, many other things that still help us to this day!

  12. chamor said:

    LIFE WITHOUT A CALENDAR-can you imagine what would happen?
    Important things would get tangled like a huge pile of string! If the President thought that his meeting with the ambassador of Menacedonia was Friday, June 12, 1876, and he thought that today was June 1st, he would think “oh, I can go to that meeting with the President of Hawaii and then he would go to Hawaii!

    But meanwhile, the Ambassador of Menacedonia might think that today was Friday, June 12, 1876 and so he would go to the white house and the president wouldn’t be there!

    And in Hawaii, the president of Hawaii is completely confused because she thought that today was May 25th and that the president wasn’t coming for a while and she is thinking that today is the day for the ambassador of Russia is coming!

    And the ambassador of Russia thinks that today is September 5th and it is the day to go to Iran! And it goes on and on and on until everybody in the world is completely confused!

    Plus, if people were measuring time, (i.e., you had to wait 3 weeks and 5 months for your magazine) they would also mess that up (as in the magazine people think that today is march 5th but you think it’s July 19th and so you expected in early January but then send it to you in early august!) what a mess!

  13. lavgoe said:

    How would we write NO WRITING if writing didn’t even exist?

    If the Sumerians hadn’t found a way to write, if they hadn’t thought of cuneiform, what would we do?
    There are many things we would be able to do like eat, sleep, walk, run and many other things but writing. Here are some other things we wouldn’t be able to do.

    Well, first of all there would be no mail because you wouldn’t know how to write the persons name or address. There would also be no way to write the letter.

    Another thing that would be different is whenever you wanted to get in touch with someone you would have to meet them somewhere or call them because you wouldn’t be able to e-mail them or text them or send them a letter.

    Also, internet would not exist because to look something up online you have to type it up and since letters and words and phrases wouldn’t exist you wouldn’t be able to type it in and look it up.

    A third thing that would be different is that if you wanted to communicate with a deaf person you would have to know sign language unless they could lip read. This is because you wouldn’t be able to write things down for them to read.

    Also, if cuneiform didn’t exist kids in school would probably not learn a lot because you wouldn’t be able to write things down to remember them. And you wouldn’t be able to read things to help you learn.

    A sixth way life would be different is that some people would get allergic reactions a lot because there wouldn’t be any nutrition facts on the back of foods and people wouldn’t know if it was safe to eat.

    Also, allergy doctors and actually all doctors would have a hard time keep track of your health and your eyesight and your allergies and how bad they are and how many things your allergic to and a bunch of other things.

    Another thing is, people wouldn’t have names, they would have signs or symbols or things that represent them. This would be a bit weird because quite a few people in your lives would have the same symbol or thing as you and a conversation wouldn’t go very smoothly, it might sound something like this:
    “Hey Flower”
    “Hi Pillow”
    “So did you have fun with Cheese”?
    “Of course I did, did you have fun with Cupcake”
    “Yeah, but she was kind of sad about something”

    Let’s say Cupcake had to go to her mom’s funeral (that’s the thing she was sad about). The funeral was in Chicago but Cupcake lived in Paris. There is no way Cupcake would know that the funeral (which was outdoor) had been postponed due to the weather and was now on the day she was leaving Chicago. There was no way she would be able to find that out because her phone was broken so she couldn’t get called and since writing wasn’t possible………well she didn’t make it since ALL the flights had been booked already.

  14. brachi said:

    The super miraculous invention of the wheel!!!

    One of the Sumerians great inventions was a wheel! The wheel is used for many important things. Those things are wheelbarrows, automobiles, and other hefty items it would be a pain to lift/carry.

    Wheels are on all your transportation vehicles such as airplanes, cars, buses, and trains. Try to imagine life without wheels, no cars; we would have to travel on foot (life would be weird without cars, buses, and trains).

    If you lived far, far away from a hospital, you would be in “trouble”. It would be useless to want to go to California. I think life wouldn’t be right without wheels.

    To this day people have been using wheels 24 7(all the time). It was such a great idea that we still use the wheel!!!

  15. avarys said:


    There are many things that the Sumerians did to help the world but there is only I would like to introduce and that is there writing cuneiform. With out cuneiform we would not be writing now. Cuneiform is made out of characters that are thick at the top and thin at the bottom. Some thing else you should know about this only boys were aloud to learn this. Can you believe that? Any way there are over 500 different characters of cuneiform. Cuneiform signed on a clay tablet with a thing called a cylinder seal. Each cylinder seal was personalized to be its own so it would be hard to copy.
    The Sumerians also invented seconds, minutes, hours, the first calendar, a government system, the wheel and lots of other things too.
    For me out of all the things I have written I think cuneiform was one of the most important to have.

  16. thowal said:

    The Great Invention of the Wheel and the Calendar!!!

    The Sumerians in Mesopotamia invented one of the most important objects when they invented the wheel. They also invented the calendar. These inventions were very important inventions in life.
    The wheel’s use is mainly to move other objects. With out the wheel invented we would still be painfully dragging around large and heavy objects. A long time ago people used to use logs to move big objects. The people put the big object on a bunch of logs. Then people would push the object on the logs. Finally, the last person would pick up the last log and put it in the front. This was the beginning of the evolution that led to the wheel.
    The calendar is also a very important object that is used to tell what day it is, what month it is, and what year it is. What would it be like without the calendar? How would we organize our plans?

  17. diapor said:

    Life with out a CALENDER

    Ancient sumer people did a lot of things they mostly invented new things like the wheel, arch, also they invented a calendar and they used it to track down years, months, days I think that now if we didn’t have those stuff it would be really hard.

    Also they invented a system of writing called cuneiform and only boys got to use it. Also they would use a seal to carve out symbals that describe them and roll it out on clay and that would be there signiture.

    probably it would be really hard to live a life with out a calender beacuse it would be hard to thack down years, months, days.

  18. aidanbg said:

    The wheel of fortune!!!!

    life with out a wheel we would be inventing it now and we may be using a different shape for cars or may be we wouldn’t even have cars. The wheel helps us so much because it give us mobility so we don’t have to cary it all in a basket or some thing like that. Are civilization wouldn’t be as advanced as it is today.